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Organization Management and Development program offers seminar in Visual Facilitation

Posted by Sylvia Williams on Wed, Nov 26, 2008

Organization Management and Development (OMD) Program Executive Seminar Series (ESS)

VISUAL FACILITATION: Creative Engagement for Global Wellness Saturday, January 24, 2009 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

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The seminar, limited to 25 participants, is free and includes lunch.

Visual Facilitation is a natural link to the fields of organization, management, development, and change. It is an organizational transformative process and a tool that dovetails with OMD's core area of competency for leading change that matters. No other accredited U.S. institution has embraced the opportunity to develop this emerging practice. The well-structured, innovative program and certification process enhances an OD professional's ability to address urgent global challenges. In its elegant design, Visual Facilitation provides a simple but effective approach to demystifying and managing complexity.

Highlights of the one-day seminar include:

    • overview on visual facilitation elements, history, and practice
    • listening skills and synthesizing content
    • practice drawing with one's body
    • practice session on various drawing techniques and visual structures
    • hands-on, real-time recording practice.

The four areas of competency for Leading Change that Matters are:

1. Global/Intercultural Understanding Visual Facilitation includes the unknown, the unseen, and unspoken. Coursework focuses on transcultural dynamics in the global system

2. Individual, Interpersonal, Group Behavior Visual Facilitation closes the gap between the individual and the collective experience and between subjective and objective reality

3. Organizational and Leadership Models Visual Facilitation includes processing through metaphors; it provides a way of knowing the complexity of structures and how participants enact systems

4. Generating and Evaluating Organizational Practices Visual

Facilitation as a creative process which leads to innovation and functions as a method for analysis Facilitators and links to their profiles on the International Forum of Visual Practitioners (

Regina Rowland
Julie Gieseke 

Registration form for UCLA's Anderson Business School Alumni available here

Fielding alumna interviewed on CNN

Posted by Sylvia Williams on Wed, Nov 12, 2008

Fielding alumna interviewed on CNN

In October Fielding alumna Gloria Morrow (Psychology '98) was interviewed by CNN's Don Lemon about how ordinary citizens are coping with the financial crisis. Her advice to viewers included "don't suffer in silence" and "don't believe everything you hear." 

Read the PDF transcript of the interview.