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Fielding's Gil Reyes Honored by Psychology Association

Posted by Sylvia Williams on Mon, Jan 30, 2012

describe the imageOn January 27, Gil Reyes, PhD, was honored by the Santa Barbara (CA) Clinical Psychology Association. An associate dean in Fielding’s School of Psychology, Reyes was given the association’s Legacy Award for his many contributions to the organization and to the field of professional psychology. Reyes is a well-known expert on aspects of disasters and mental health services. He works directly with disaster victims, trains other professionals to do so, and publishes extensively. Congratulations, Gil.

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Fielding Supports Goals of Occupy Wall Street

Posted by Sylvia Williams on Tue, Jan 03, 2012

The gap between rich and poor is greater than ever before in our lifetimes, and we need to stand up for those who are trying to improve their circumstances and provide for their families. As a graduate institution serving a community of scholars and practitioners who are devoted to learning and social change, we stand in support of movements like Occupy Wall Street, which attempt to create dialogue and collective engagement of our citizens at such critical social moments.

Students at institutions of higher education are being forced to pay more for tuition and go deeper into debt because of cuts in state funding and federal aid programs. The Social/Ecological Justice and Diversity Commission of the Academic Senate at Fielding Graduate University applauds the goals of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which continues to highlight the inequity and unfairness of the society in which we live. We strongly support the movement and wish it every success. We are in this together and support activities that foster continuing dialogue around these important social issues and strengthen our democratic engagement.

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