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Dr. Alice Brand Bartlett awarded the American Psychological Association Excellence in Librarianship Award

Posted by Carla Billings on Fri, Jul 20, 2012

Dr. Alice Brand BartlettDr. Alice Brand Bartlett, psychologist and psychoanalyst, was awarded the American Psychological Association’s Excellence in Librarianship Award at the American Library Association’s meeting in Anaheim CA June 23, 2012. Bartlett was  honored for her work as Director of the Menninger Professional Information Services (1979-2001) and her original research that led to the development PEPweb, a full text database of the significant psychoanalytic journals and books including the complete works of Freud in English and German. Bartlett has served as a Director on PEP’s International Board since 1998. 

Bartlett is in private practice in Topeka Kansas and is a Training and Supervising Psychoanalyst with the Greater Kansas City Psychoanalytic Institute.  She received her Master’s in Library Science from the University of Missouri, Columbia, MO and her PhD in psychology from Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, CA.

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Fielding Faculty Co-authors Book on Migration and Immigration

Posted by Carla Billings on Tue, Jun 19, 2012

Human Migration Book Cover resized 600Fielding doctoral faculty member, Dr. Christine G.T. Ho in collaboration with James Loucky,  co-authored the recently published book, Humane Migration: Establishing Legitimacy and Rights for Displaced People.

Humane Migration provides a fresh look at the debate on international migration in general and immigration to the United States, Europe and Canada in particular. Arguing that migration is a human right, the authors call for better policies that recognize these rights and the many benefits that migrants provide to their new communities. This book is an essential text for policy makers, students and activists who seek justice for the world's vulnerable populations and is available for purchase from various sellers.

The popular discourse on immigration in North America and Western Europe is usually framed in terms of violations of national law, fueled by fear and propped up by the myths of nationhood. The rhetoric maintains that immigrants threaten jobs, the local economy, and the cultural identity of a country. However, these views fail to consider the ironic reality: that the developed world, which tries so hard to keep poor people out, itself produces the systemic economic conditions that foster migration.

Christina Ho Fielding Faculty resized 600Dr. Ho is a doctoral faculty member in the School of Human & Organizational Development at Fielding Graduate University. Trained in social anthropology, Dr. Ho has been a professor for more than 20 years. As an anthropologist, she brings to Fielding a worldview that centers on multiculturalism and cultural diversity as well as equality and social justice.

Learn more about Dr. Ho by reading her faculty biography and Fielding story.

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Fielding Graduate to Chair Global Business Department

Posted by Carla Billings on Wed, Jun 06, 2012

Fielding graduate Dr. Douglas LePelley was chosen as the next John D. Rockefeller Chair of Global Business for Chancellor University. Chancellor is the second oldest business school in the United States.

Dr. LePelley earned his PhD in Leadership & Organizational Systems and Master's Degree in Leadership Development from Fielding Graduate University. His leadership development work for companies across the globe combined with the knowledge and experience he gained doing academic research as a Fielding student has contributed to his promotion as the John D. Rockefeller Chair of Global Business.

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Fielding Faculty Honored as Powerful Women of the Bay

Posted by Carla Billings on Wed, Jun 06, 2012

Dr. Kitty EpsteinPlease join us in congratulating Fielding faculty member, Dr. Kitty Epstein, PhD for being honored as 1 of this year’s Powerful Women of the Bay award recipients. This award celebrates women that are passionate about educating, empowering, and connecting with women in business and the community.

The purpose of “Powerful Women of the Bay Awards” is to recognize the outstanding achievements of women in their chosen career field. Dr. Epstein is a published doctoral faculty member in Fielding’s School of Educational Leadership & Change, with areas of instruction in action research, leadership & change, and structural inequality and diversity. Her work at Fielding exemplifies why she was chosen as a “Powerful Women of the Bay” from a select group of women representing diversity for contributions made in their community to enrich the lives of others.

Congratulations Dr. Epstein!

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Fulbright Scholar Competition Announcement

Posted by Carla Billings on Thu, Dec 03, 2009

Judy Witt, PhD - Dean of ELCThe School of ELC, the Fielding Office of Financial Aid, and Dean Judy Witt are offering the first Fielding workshop to assist students in accessing scholarships.

This first session will be held via WebEx and teleconference on April 30, 2009, at 3:00 pm ADT/4:00 pm PDT/5:00 pm
MDT/6:00 pm CDT/7:00 pm EDT.

In the hour-long session, students will learn strategies for locating scholarships and fellowships from Fielding and from external sources. ELC has prescreened nearly 40 scholarships from foundations and corporations for which ELC students, both doctoral and masters, may be eligible.

Many thanks go to the individuals who have created this important workshop and service for students: Wendy Tilton, ELC student and peer advisor; Raul Aldama, Fielding's director of financial aid; and Michelle Xiong, ELC work study and University of California-Santa Barbara senior. The workshop will be offered at National Session 2009 in Atlanta and via WebEx once per term. Please join this workshop.

While this is a service offered to ELC students only at
this time, we hope to take it across Fielding by the summer of 2010.

To learn how to join the meeting, go to

MA-CEL Wisconsin Facilitator Development - ELC Happenings

Posted by Carla Billings on Thu, Dec 03, 2009
Following the learning community model of the Master of Arts in Collaborative Educational Leadership (MA-CEL) program, 16 current and future MA-CEL facilitators began a weekend development session in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, with an opening circle of introductions and expectations for the weekend.

Jim Adams, Barney Slowey, and Roger Wistrcill planned the weekend with activities to model a typical MA-CEL week end, which included constructivist activities, energizers, learning, and laughter. Jim, Barney, and Roger shared information about the 14-month accelerated laptop MA-CEL program that they designed and have implemented in Rice Lake and Kimberly, Wisconsin. The Learning Community Framework was presented by Judy Jamieson, president and CEO of Learning Quest Associates, Inc., followed by activities around facilitation, stages of community, multiple intelligences, values, and community processes.

The weekend was full of laughter and surprises-including a spring snow storm. The MACEL program in Wisconsin continues to grow. Fielding is fortunate to have dedicated educators with a commitment to improving education for all students through the MA-CEL program.

New Entrepreneurial Fund Announced

Posted by Carla Billings on Thu, Dec 03, 2009

President Richard Meyers and his wife YakkoRichard and Yakko Meyers Establish Fund

President Richard Meyers and his wife Yakko have made a significant gift of $10,000 to Fielding Graduate University and, in the process, established an exciting new fund: The Richard and Yakko Meyers Endowed Entrepreneurial Fund.

The spirit of the fund is to encourage all affiliated with the university to remain true to our core values and mission and to think broadly about what Fielding can do and what it can become. The entrepreneurial fund may be used to support exploration of new ideas or the actual implementation of new ideas or programs.

In their first months with Fielding, the Meyers have liked what they have seen. "We also imagine fantastic potential," Richard says. "Our mutual future is wrapped up in the power of dreams and what they can portend. Our dream for Fielding is simple: growth to insure positive life-changing experiences for our students, in an atmosphere of financial stability, with global social justice impact."

Our hope is that faculty, staff, alumni, and students will all join in Fielding's exploration of new ideas for education, social justice, diversity, improved effectiveness and efficiency, and new revenue-producing programs and collaborations."