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5 Reasons Why Fielding Alumni Should Attend National Session 2014

Posted by Hilary Edwards on Fri, Apr 18, 2014

Get Your Fielding Fix!

Fielding Alumni, are you trying to decide if you should attend National Session this summer? Here are 5 excellent reasons why you should:

#1 Visit with your Fielding classmates and faculty, because they want to see you too!

#2 National Session is at a new location

It is with great excitement and anticipation that we would like to share the good new that summer session 2014 will take place in Rosemont (a community close to Chicago, Illinois) at the Westin O’Hare hotel. This decision based on the following values:

Student Centered Education. Based on longitudinal data, program delivery task force recommendations, and Senate Leadership Committee input about student needs regarding an appropriate site location, Debbie Lemke (Director of Academic Conference and Event Services) found a place for us that allows us to maximize learning opportunities for our students national session, while also accommodating growing needs to include IT, multiple meeting spaces, and special events. We wanted to do this wrapped in a framework of providing an accessible and affordable experience for our students. To us, this selection is consistent with our value of providing a student-centered education.

Westin WESTIN O’HARE HOTEL IN ROSEMONT, IL building photo resized 600

Social Justice.For many years, our LGBTQ and their allies have requested that we seek to find session locations in states that extend civil rights for all our community members. Although much progress has been made in the US on this important issue, this still limits the number of states where we could locate a session that was also affordable and accessible to the greatest number of students. Illinois, however, is such a state. In addition, the hotel  is located in a neighborhood with many local restaurants. As an educational institution, we seek to avoid food deserts and support locations that are connected to local resources as much as possible. Finally, we care about the affordability and value of our location choices, and being in the middle of the country, this place is both accessible and affordable for more members of our community.

Ecological Justice/Sustainability. This site location was chosen partially because if offers inexpensive public transit to many destinations, including access to downtown Chicago. It also is near a park/jogging trail, which is another component for a healthy learning environment. The Westin hotel also offers a new program partnering with New Balance running shoes that offers a pair of running shoes, socks (you get to keep the socks), and workout clothes during your stay for $5. The hotel is also working with us on basic sustainable practices, such as reducing waste, recycling, and moving to eco-friendly practices.

#3 Attend the Fielding Alumni Track sessions

thumbs up resized 600This year’s Alumni Track is packed full of intellectually stimulating topics that are relevant across all schools disciplines. The following presentations were carefully selected by the Fielding Alumni Council and are open to all alumni and students. Click here for schedule dates and times. Registration is required.

  • The Altered State of Human Experience: Conflict and communication of global religious/spiritual experiences in the digital techno-machine world with Theresa James (ELC ’13)
  • Comprehensive Evaluations of Brain Function with Ricardo Weinstein, PhD (Neuropsychology Post-Doctoral Certification ‘08)
  • Getting Back on Track: Coaching strategies to help women leaders thrive in the face of derailment with Kevin Nourse, PhD (HOD ’09) and Lynn Schmidt, PhD(HOD ’09)
  • Building Communities for Systemic Change for Authentic Racial Inclusion with Joyce A. Caldwell, PhD, (HOD ’09) and Joan M. Buccigrossi (HOD ’13) 
  • Giving Employees a Choice During a Transformation: The results with Keri Ohlrich, PhD (HOD ’11)
  • The Experience of Being a Social Justice Educator with Cheri Gurse, PhD (HOD ’13)
  • Getting Smarter, Faster with James B. Webber, PhD  (HOD ’03) and John J. Barnett, PhD (HOD ’94)
  • Integrating Three Communities of Practice as Scholar Practitioners with Anne Litwin (HOD’ 08) and Ilene Wasserman (HOD ’04)
  • Rumi’s Poetry: Journey toward meaning and transformation with Fariba Enteshari (ELC ’13)


  • Lessons from Military Psychology: organizational strategy, ethics, and mental health in high-stress environment with PANELISTS: Joseph Troiani, PhD (PSY, ‘92) Stephen Redmon, PhD (HOD ‘13) Barton Buechner, PhD (HOD ‘14)          
  • Coaching Across the Fields: Uses, tips, and collaborative implementations with PANELISTS: Heidi Maston, EdD (ELC ’11,) Howard Fox, MA (HOD ’10), and John Hoover, PhD (HOD ’97)

#4 PSY CE Credits are Available

Thanks to the fine folks in the psychology department, there are TWO continuing education classes being offered at national session (Registration is required):

  • Introduction to Integrated Psychodrama: Working with the Unspoken with Judith Schoenholtz-Read, EdD
  • Writing the Professional Book/Film Review with Sherry Hatcher, PhD

Need more details? Click here.

# 5 Return to the biggest alumni party of the year! 

alumni loungeIt is that time of year where graduates who have completed their academic journey  return to national session and attend the Alumni Reception to connect, collaborate, and celebrate. Registration is required.

We hope you will take the opportunity to meet like-minded colleagues from other disciplines, build your professional network, and enjoy your time on our "virtual campus."

Alumni attend sessions and events at a discounted fee of $150. This allows access to various seminars and events scheduled by any of the three schools along with all alumni events. Registration closes promptly at 9:00 am PDT on Friday, May 2, 2014. After that date a late fee of $50 will apply.

For more information and to register, click here:

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