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HOD Faculty Member Jeremy Shapiro Granted Faculty Emeritus

Posted by Hilary Edwards on Mon, Jun 02, 2014

Jeremy Shapiro, PhD

Doctoral Faculty - School of Human & Organizational Development

Jeremy Shapiro Granted Faculty Emeritus by the Fielding Board of Trustees in April 2014.

Jeremy ShapiroJeremy Shapiro joined the university in 1977 (then Fielding Institute), as one of the founding faculty members of the School of Human and Organizational Development (HOD). During his 37 years with the university, Shapiro has served as a faculty member, HOD program director, associate dean, network and communications director, and Chair of Fielding’s Task Force on Electronic Communication, responsible for the development of the Fielding Electronic Network (FEN) and Fielding’s initial online network developed in the early 1990’s. His service has extended to many university-wide committees including the Academic Policy Committee and the Research Ethics Committee.

Throughout his multiple careers with the university, Shapiro’s brilliance, curiosity, and technical expertise has influenced the development of Fielding. His focus on the social, cultural, and psychological impacts of information technology and information systems provided the foundation of HOD’s first doctoral concentration, Information Society and Knowledge Organizations (ISAKO). Shapiro’s passionate interests extend far beyond this focus, as he is a leading scholar in critical social theory and a visionary who enlightens all that he does with a profound understanding of the aesthetics of music. As a gifted pianist, Schapiro has often woven the emotional richness of his music into the depths of his theoretical and philosophical thinking.

Shapiro has served as mentor and guide to many students, serving as dissertation C=chair or dissertation reader of over 50 students. When he engages in conversation, his full attention is given to the other and he listens with respect and appreciation for the person with whom he is conversing. His appreciation for his colleagues runs deep, and he has often been called upon to introduce his colleagues, as he is known for a keen understanding and a repository of countless, fascinating stories. He often meets with students, faculty, and alumni in coffee shops or in one of his salons, where people join with him for conversation, deep learnings, community…and espresso or tea. 

In addition to his major contributions as a faculty member, Shapiro is internationally renowned for his extensive publications, research, and scholarship. He is co-author (with HOD faculty member Dr. Valerie Bentz) of Mindful Inquiry in Social Research, which has been a foundational text for HOD students since first published by SAGE in 1998.

As a multi-lingual scholar and philosopher, Shapiro has translated many publications of international philosophers, including Herbert Marcuse and Pierre Bourdieu. He was the original translator of Jürgen Habermas’s, Knowledge and Human Interests and Toward a Rational Society. Even as he prepares to retire from the role as a core faculty member, he is forging new ways of continue to engage in conversation, projects, and writings with Fielding colleagues. His interests keep expanding, combining the richness of his past with keen insight into the most significant issues of today and tomorrow, including issues of privacy in an interconnected world. 

Shapiro is respected and loved by faculty, student, and alumni colleagues. Loni Davis, PhD (HOD 2013) acknowledged in her dissertation: “Jeremy Shapiro, my Committee Chair and mentor, who is the rarest combination of intellectual curiosity, mindfulness and intuition I’ve yet to experience and who embodies the notion that “nothing makes a student more able and capable than being helped to believe she is able and capable.” 

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