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Fulbright Scholar Competition Announcement

Posted by Carla Billings on Thu, Dec 03, 2009

Judy Witt, PhD - Dean of ELCThe School of ELC, the Fielding Office of Financial Aid, and Dean Judy Witt are offering the first Fielding workshop to assist students in accessing scholarships.

This first session will be held via WebEx and teleconference on April 30, 2009, at 3:00 pm ADT/4:00 pm PDT/5:00 pm
MDT/6:00 pm CDT/7:00 pm EDT.

In the hour-long session, students will learn strategies for locating scholarships and fellowships from Fielding and from external sources. ELC has prescreened nearly 40 scholarships from foundations and corporations for which ELC students, both doctoral and masters, may be eligible.

Many thanks go to the individuals who have created this important workshop and service for students: Wendy Tilton, ELC student and peer advisor; Raul Aldama, Fielding's director of financial aid; and Michelle Xiong, ELC work study and University of California-Santa Barbara senior. The workshop will be offered at National Session 2009 in Atlanta and via WebEx once per term. Please join this workshop.

While this is a service offered to ELC students only at
this time, we hope to take it across Fielding by the summer of 2010.

To learn how to join the meeting, go to