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Major awards received by two Media Psychology Program faculty members

Posted by Sylvia Williams on Tue, Dec 30, 2008
"Media Psychology Review," an online journal created by faculty member Erik Gregory, PhD, and student Pam Rutledge, has been selected as one of the "101 Fascinating Brain Blogs" by the Online Education Database,, which ranks online programs and universities. The journal is available at

Jason Ohler, PhD, received the Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications (WCET) Outstanding Work (WOW) Award for the innovative use of educational technologies in higher education.

The award was for a program Ohler originated at the University of Alaska's Geography Program. The program, Southeast Stories of Culture and Place (SOCAP), encourages students to create media by telling their own stories. "In the digital age, being able to just "read" the web, movies and other media does not suffice," said Ohler. "We also must be able to write them if we are to share in their empowerment and critically evaluate their impacts on society."

SOCAP got kids to tell their stories using new media to improve literacy explore academic areas, explore personal and cultural issues and to promote health. Ohler helped students plan, perform and write stories that they converted to new media format using free software.

Project website: