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Fielding offers new course in creativity in organizations

Posted by Sylvia Williams on Thu, Nov 03, 2011


Fielding Graduate University along with Disney Institute is offering a new graduate course on crafting cultures of creativity and innovation in organizations. The course begins at Fielding in Santa Barbara on January 13, 2012, followed by a four-week online seminar that begins on January 23. Registration must be made by November 25 and can be completed online at

Participants can expect to learn to achieve the following in their organizations:

  1. Leverage creativity and innovation to enhance performance,
  2. Use creative methods in work processes,
  3. Apply innovative methods to sustain positive and profitable relationships, and
  4. Incorporate principles of creativity and innovation to improve employee engagement and retention.

The January 13 event in Santa Barbara will be a one-day in-depth engagement with Disney personnel and case studies focused on inspiring creativity. The subsequent four-week online seminar series includes sessions on building creativity and innovation through organizational culture, identity, structural systems, and leadership.  Emphasis throughout is on producing an actionable plan to improve a work process, organizational design, technological innovation, marketing and/or sales program, or other real-world need.

The course is offered at $1950 plus travel and lodging expenses. Participants can register for 2 graduate-level or 3 continuing education units or 14 Coaching CEU credits. This relationship between Disney Institute and Fielding Graduate University integrates the unique and profoundly successful strategies for creativity and innovation, which Disney is known for, with Fielding’s thirty-five year history of educating working professionals to deepen their knowledge in support of organizational and social change.


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