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Fielding student attends White House Community Action Summit

Posted by Sylvia Williams on Wed, Mar 21, 2012


In January, Fielding student Gloria Gutierrez attended the White House Hispanic Community Action Summit at Arizona State University. The Action Summit had three key goals:

1)       Establish a space where community leaders can meaningfully engage and interact with key decision and policy makers in the Obama Administration on matters involving diverse policy areas that affect the Hispanic community;

2)      Identify policy and programmatic areas of concern, receive and respond to constructive criticism and feedback, and identify local success stories and practices in policy areas that benefit the Hispanic community and our nation;

3)      Identify and develop opportunities for Hispanic leaders and stakeholders to collaborate with the Obama administration and other leaders from across the country in addressing the interests and concerns of the Hispanic community.

Seventeen representatives from the Obama administration were among the 300 participants. As cameras rolled, Gloria presented:

“I am Gloria Gutierrez, doctoral student at Fielding Graduate University interested in doing research for my dissertation on ways to increase the graduation rates of Latinas at the community college and four year college levels.  What challenges must they overcome to be successful?  Colleges will be the source of our future leaders.”

She was given a meeting time to meet with 25 participants, some of them Dream kids. Her take-away learning was:

Major barriers:

1)      Academically underprepared

2)      Financially unprepared

3)      Immigration issues

4)      Work/life balance

5)      Lack of support system

Proposed solutions:

1)      Educate families on ways to get their kids into college

2)      American Dream Academy

3)      Financial scholarships for students

4)      Pass the Dream Act

5)      Work/life balance

6)      Identify mentors/support system

7)      Utilize social media to do outreach to the young


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