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WNGE posts links to March '12 webinars

Posted by Sylvia Williams on Wed, May 16, 2012

“Differences among Turkish Women Immigrants in Germany”

by Andrea Zielke-Nadkarni 

 TOPIC: This presentation deals with the situation of 2 generations of Turkish women in Germany and their living conditions, which involve social changes from village to city life, from rural networks to urban isolation, and having to live with the ambiguity of traditional and modern expectations all of which show a great impact on their chances of empowerment.

 “Empowerment of Saudi Women in the Healthcare Sector through Education”

 by Elham Al Ateeq

  TOPIC: this presentation provides a brief on the status of Saudi women in the labor force particularly in the healthcare sector; it will provide an example of initiatives to empower women through education, leadership, team building, mentoring and coaching in a newly established nursing college in a rural area in Saudi Arabia.  Different obstacles and challenges which face Saudi women in the health care field are also touched upon with recommendations for supporting women's contribution to the country's health development.

"Empowering Women through Education"

by Joyce Lwande Onek

  TOPIC: The key to community development is the development of women. Any long‐term change in the fortunes of Africans must look at the next generation‐‐ the children‐‐ and it is the women who raise those children. Empowering women means literally to give them power over their own lives; to release them from the dependency on others. One of the most critical ways to empower women is economically, starting with empowering specific, individual women, who then empower their families, then other women in their community, then women in communities and beyond their own and so on.


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