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Fielding Faculty Co-authors Book on Migration and Immigration

Posted by Carla Billings on Tue, Jun 19, 2012

Human Migration Book Cover resized 600Fielding doctoral faculty member, Dr. Christine G.T. Ho in collaboration with James Loucky,  co-authored the recently published book, Humane Migration: Establishing Legitimacy and Rights for Displaced People.

Humane Migration provides a fresh look at the debate on international migration in general and immigration to the United States, Europe and Canada in particular. Arguing that migration is a human right, the authors call for better policies that recognize these rights and the many benefits that migrants provide to their new communities. This book is an essential text for policy makers, students and activists who seek justice for the world's vulnerable populations and is available for purchase from various sellers.

The popular discourse on immigration in North America and Western Europe is usually framed in terms of violations of national law, fueled by fear and propped up by the myths of nationhood. The rhetoric maintains that immigrants threaten jobs, the local economy, and the cultural identity of a country. However, these views fail to consider the ironic reality: that the developed world, which tries so hard to keep poor people out, itself produces the systemic economic conditions that foster migration.

Christina Ho Fielding Faculty resized 600Dr. Ho is a doctoral faculty member in the School of Human & Organizational Development at Fielding Graduate University. Trained in social anthropology, Dr. Ho has been a professor for more than 20 years. As an anthropologist, she brings to Fielding a worldview that centers on multiculturalism and cultural diversity as well as equality and social justice.

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