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Fielding HOD alumna Kathleen Long, PhD, is interviewed for article in MITSloan Management Review

Posted by Hilary Edwards on Wed, Sep 12, 2012

Kathleen LongFielding Graduate University HOD alumna Kathleen Long, PhD, was interviewed in the business and management communities’ prestigious publication MITSloan Management Review for the article titled: Risky Business: How Data Analytics Can Help

Kathleen focuses an exciting extension of her dissertation research using a combination of behavioral analytics, Bayesian engineering and big data to help companies better determine and mitigate business risk.

The article states:

"A socio-cybernetician and behavioral scientist, Kathleen Long battles operational risk. As CEO of Montage Analytics, a Mountain View, Calif., consultancy offering risk assessment software services and analytic reports, Long has combined her training with the experience of Montage Analytic’s CTO, Doug Campbell, in Bayesian network design. The company helps organizations better understand and mitigate everything from risky business practices and employee fraud to the big, unwieldy, nearly undetectable risks referred to as “black swans.”

This isn’t an easy undertaking. Part of the problem, according to Long, is that not everyone knows how to define operational risk (if you can’t define it, you can’t guard against it). At the same time, the risk landscape is changing so fast that what happened yesterday is no longer a marker for what might happen tomorrow."

To read the full article, click here.

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