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Highlighting the uniqueness of students, faculty, and alumni: Fielding Graduate University introduces new Pinterest page

Posted by Hilary Edwards on Fri, Nov 02, 2012

Let the "pinning" begin!describe the image

Pinterest has captivated media, public relations, and social media business communities unlike any other. Visual bookmarking and social networking is easier than ever before, and now Fielding students, faculty, and alumni can establish a presence on Pinterest by a simple click of the “pin it” button.

Why the interest in Pinterest?

Recent new data shows that it is the fourth largest referral network after passing Yahoo and now only sits behind Google, Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest traffic grew by 43.7% from June to July and grew again by 33.33% from July to August.  In the last 12 months according to Experian, Pinterest has grown 5,124 percent.

The goal for the Fielding Pinterest page is to be a place for the community to share images, links, and photos of achievements and experiences that visually convey what Fielding is all about.  Fielding is known for being a close community, and in this day and age, social media is one of the easiest ways to connect in a virtual setting.  The beauty of the Fielding Pinterest page is that by “pinning” an image on a web page, like the cover of a book recently published by alumni or a picture of a recent graduate smiling as they receive their diploma, users uniquely connect and share ideas quickly and easily. 

The pinning is just beginning on the Fielding Pinterest page:describe the image

The Fielding Community


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Fielding Graduate University Pinterest page:

Do you have a suggestion for new Fielding Pinterest board? Please email with ideas.

Keep an eye out for the Pinterest logo coming soon to the Fielding Graduate University website. Through it you can quickly share your favorite Fielding web pages and images.

Happy pinning!


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