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Partnering with Patients to Understand and Improve their Healthcare Experiences

Posted by Hilary Edwards on Tue, Dec 18, 2012

“The main thing... the care you're receiving, that one you will remember forever, because if it's a good care done or people listen to your problem or answer your questions or be pleasant, or just say simply say "hi" to you, it matters, because that you will remember." (Research Participant)

Partnering with Patients to Understand and Improve Their Healthcare Experiences: Pilot Study Report

Funded by: University Health Network, Toronto, ON Canada
Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC Canada
Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, CA USA

Toronto’s University Health Network (UHN), with its four world-renowned teaching hospitals, is committed to providing the highest quality of patient-centered care. The study’s results represent variation in ways of experiencing patient satisfaction at Toronto Western. Analysis of the patients’ stories produced evidence-based categories of experiences. The prioritized relationships among these categories are represented as five levels of needs in an outcome space that represents patient satisfaction at Toronto Western. 

The pilot study established the foundation for a sustainable and cost-effective phenomenographic research that would complement and add important additional information to the NRC+ Picker survey. This combined knowledge could help UHN continue excel in innovative approaches and tools to measure health outcomes from the patient’s perspective. 

The preparatory work has been completed. Sustainable, limited phenomenographic research could be implemented with minimal design modification and limited costs. The value to UHN of subsequent research would be cumulative, expanding the knowledge from this pilot.

Dorothy Eastman Agger-GuptaThis report was written and revised by Fielding faculty and interim associate dean of HOD Dorothy Agger-Gupta and Niels Agger-Gupta (HOD '01), co-principal investigators for the pilot study, with important contributions from co-principal investigator Joy Richards, PhD (HOD '08), and co-investigators Carolyn Plummer (HOD student). Alumna Mary Ferguson Pare (HOD '97), who was recently awarded the most prestigious award Order of Canada, along with Petrina McGrath (HOD student) were also participants in the report. Several other HOD students and alumni contriubuted to the initial planning as well.

Correspondence author for this report Dorothy Agger-­‐Gupta: 

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