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Leading By Supporting: Coaching clients to reinvent roles and rules

Posted by Hilary Edwards on Wed, Apr 03, 2013

ChoiceFielding Graduate University Evidence-Based Coaching program director Francine Campone, EdD, MCC, MAC, publishes article in Choice magazine titled, "Leading By Supporting: Coaching clients to reinvent roles and rules"

In this article, Campone identifies coaching as an effective mechanism for leaders to enhance employee performance "as guides for quality control without an evaluative role...leaders present a different coaching challenge as they learn to help staff improve their performance on specific tasks without direct supervisory authority."

Campone describes the concept of change as “ripples in a pond”: 

Change is a process and, as such, may need to be facilitated in stages. I often conceive of a coaching plan as ripples in a pond...the challenge was where to toss the first pebble and how to ensure that the ripples eventually reached all the way to the shore. The client’s initial measures of success were framed in terms of evidence of more trust: staff seeking out information or asking for her advice or assistance, rather than avoiding her; more staff input and feedback in the team meetings she facilitated. With this as a starting point, the strategy for the coaching engagement emerged as three successive “ripples.”

Click here to view full article in Choice.

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Campone is an executive and personal coach and coach educator. She specializes in coaching professionals to stretch into the requirements and expectations of executive leadership. Since 2001, Campone has coached men and women in corporate, education and nonprofit sectors, with extensive experience in helping women executives find their voice and become strategic leaders. Her coaching focuses on helping leaders to acquire the skills to clearly articulate vision; generate engagement and commitment; facilitate change within organizations and to communicate clearly and effectively. Specific communication coaching has helped leaders change from confrontational to collaborative styles and to learn how to effectively hold difficult conversations and give effective performance feedback. Previous clients include leaders in Xerox Corporation, Rio Tinto, Earth Share, NetAid, CASA and the Calvert and Kellogg Foundations.

Campone has provided academic leadership to the Evidence-Based Coaching Program for four years, ensuring currency of evidence and research in the curriculum and program activities. She has designed and teaches course in evidence-based coaching theory, coaching research methods and the uses of case study.

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