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Enrollment Logics and Discourses: Toward Developing an Enrollment Knowledge Framework

Posted by Hilary Edwards on Wed, Apr 24, 2013

"Strategic Enrollment Management Quarterly" includes an article by Monique Snowden, Associate Provost for Academic and Enrollment Services at Fielding Graduate University

AACRAO Releases New SEM Quarterly Journal

Article online ISSN: 2325-4750

Release of the new SEM Quarterly was announced during an official launch at the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions (AACRAO) Annual Meeting in San Francisco in April, 2013. 

SEM Quarterly, published by AACRAO and Wiley Periodicals, provides knowledge and insight into the ongoing evolution of strategic enrollment management. SEMQ bridges the gap between theory and practice with articles by thought leaders and practitioners who address the emerging dynamics of SEM, including: executive-level leadership, leading strategies, internationalization, research, academic orientation, and current trends.

The inaugural issue of SEMQ features articles by Don Hossler, professor of educational leadership and policy studies at Indiana University, Bloomington; David Kalsbeek, senior vice president for enrollment management and marketing at DePaul University; Monique Snowden, associate provost for academic and enrollment services at Fielding Graduate University; Larissa Savitskaya, deputy to the president for student recruitment and admissions at JSC KIMEP University; and other contributors including Bob Bontrager, senior director of AACRAO Consulting and SEM Initiatives and editor of SEM Quarterly.

Snowden's article is one of two under the Leading Strategies section. Editor Bob Bontrager, writes in his welcome:

Joining me in this venture over the coming months will be thought leaders both from within and outside the ranks of enrollment managers. The lead article in this inaugural issue is authored by two of the most prominent players in the SEM movement, Don Hossler and David Kalsbeek. Hossler and Kalsbeek offer a cogent review of the history, current state, and future of SEM, to be further illuminated by other articles in this issue and those to come. Monique Snowden from the Fielding Graduate University addresses enrollment logics and discourses that impact SEM practices, particularly in North American higher education institutions. Her article in this issue will be of broader SEM interest but sets the stage nicely for future articles highlighting leading strategies in the profession.

Monique L. SMonique Snowdennowden, PhD, is the associate provost for academic and enrollment services and adjunct faculty in the School of Human and Organizational Development at Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, CA.

Snowden is an engaged leader and scholar-practitioner in AACRAO. She is the current chair of the AACRAO Graduate and Professional School Issues Committee, member of the AACRAO Public Policy Advisory Committee, and former chair the AACRAO Distinct Programs Populations Committee and Standardization of Postsecondary Education Electronic Data Exchange (SPEEDE) Committee. She recently authored a chapter entitled, “SEM in the Post-baccalaureate Context” in Strategic Enrollment Management: Transforming Higher Education, released in August 2012. She holds a doctorate degree in communication, with an emphasis in organizational communication. Her current academic research interests include examining the communicative role and impact of professional associations on professional identity, knowledge and practice.

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