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The Second Annual Fielding Alumni Track Begins!

Posted by Hilary Edwards on Tue, Jul 16, 2013

Hundreds of students, faculty, and alumni gather in Alexandria, Virginia for the Fielding Graduate University All Schools National Summer Session

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As an accredited nonprofit leader in blended graduate education, the learning model at Fielding Graduate University is a combination of face‐to‐face and online learning. Maintaining Fielding’s reputation for quality programs, during this week of face-to-face sessions, faculty are mentors and guides to self‐directed students who use their skills to become powerful, and socially‐responsible leaders in their communities, workplaces, and society. Much of the faculty-student relationship is one-to-one, harkening back to the classical tutorial model. Faculty members become academic partners with students. They honor students’ prior experience and their intellectual, personal, and professional goals. The result is a collaborative learning experience that elicits creative solutions and enlightened practice, and alumni who want to come back to reunite with their learning community.

Fielding alumni return each year not only to visit with faculty and colleagues, but to teach sessions and workshops of interest to broaden advanced learning, collaboration and success for Fielding alumni scholar and practitioners in attendance at national session. These special interest sessions offered at national session It is designed by, and for, alumni. The Alumni Track is open to all national session participants.

Wednesday July 17 |1:30pm-4:30pm 

Practicing Empowered Practice: A Meta-Conversation 

Julie Benesh, PhD, (HOD)               

Description: “Practice” is a consistent topic of discussion amongst the entire Fielding community. “Practice,” in this and other contexts, can mean many different things, all potentially valuable. This session is a place to meta-discuss and practice one’s practice(s) in the hopes of broadening and deepening it/them to supports one’s highest aims.

Wednesday July 17 |1:30pm-4:30pm  

Coaching: Too Little Too Late 

John Hoover, PhD (HOD) 

Description: Coaching aligns what individuals do best with what the organization needs most.  Join a dynamic discussion of domestic and global trends in life coaching and executive coaching.

Thursday July 18 | 9:30am-12:30pm

Now I Become Myself:  Using Poetry and Circle Dance as a Path to the Authentic Self

Evelyn Torton Beck, PhD (PSY) & Judith Walton PhD (HOD)

Description: Poetry and dance have become widespread cultural phenomena in which the general public participates. These modalities can be particularly helpful to professionals. This workshop will demonstrate how poetry and simple circle dances can be used as tools to reach our authentic self—a first step to improving interactions with other individuals and groups. Inter-cultural communication across lines of differences are made easier and more likely by the use of these modalities, allowing a greater sense of authenticity to emerge.

Thursday July 18 | 9:30am-12:30pm

Putting Complexity to Work in Your Management Consulting Practice

James Webber, PhD (HOD) & Alice MacGillivray, PhD, (HOD)

Description: To build an understanding of the practical applications of complexity theory in management consulting; such that participants can enrich their approaches to consulting and coaching; in a way that is interactive, pragmatic and fun.

Thursday July 18 | 1:30pm-4:30pm

"Almost" Live at the Improv: How to Deliver Audience Engaging Academic Findings via Webcast, F2F, or Text

Heidi Maston, EdD (ELC)

Description: Participants will engage in group, small group, and individual workshop tasks in order to increase their communication and presentation skills. 

Thursday July 18 | 1:30pm-4:30pm

Taking a Communication Perspective: Transformative Learning in Systems

Beth Fisher Yoshida, PhD, CCS (HOD) & Ilene Wasserman, PhD (HOD)             

Description: An interactive 90-minute workshop integrating Transformative Learning Theory and Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM). Presenters will highlight how the tools and concepts are used in two cases: healthcare and community, both of which are fostered environments ripe for transformative learning through praxis. Participants will learn how to apply tools and concepts to their own cases including a debrief that will explicitly link practice to theory.

Friday July 19 | 9:30am-12:30pm

Living Dialectics 

Judy Zeidel, PhD (HOD) & Susan Herrmann, MSW, LCSW, current HOD (TLSJ) student

Description: Participants will learn about Zeidel and Herrmann’s new theory of Living Dialectics:  A developmental path and process that describes the journey of abuse from the Lived Taboo Story, through various forms and complexities of self-narratives, to dialogue, to dialectic, culminating in connected knowing and the call to social action.

Friday July 19 | 9:30am-12:30pm 

Knowing Ourselves as Social Justice Educators

Cheri Gurse, PhD (HOD)

Description:  Fielding graduates make a difference for others who also are dedicated to making a difference.  This session’s goal is to enhance our expertise at this and understanding of ourselves as social justice educators specifically working across difference. Participants will deepen personal identities as justice educators and learn more about other peoples’ social identities.

Friday July 19| 1:30pm-4:30pm              

The First Year Out: Making the Transition to Post-Doctoral Life Michelle Mehta, PhD (HOD) Margo Okazawa-Ray (HOD Interim Dean), Kathie Court, PhD (HOD), Luann Fortune, PhD (HOD), Patti Millar, PhD (HOD), Marisa Sanchez, PhD (HOD)

Description: The purpose of this workshop is to explore the transition that takes place during the first year after becoming a PhD. The desired outcomes are to provide a forum for recent alumni to share their experiences, and prepare prospective graduates for this part of their journey.

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