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HOD Faculty Member Exemplifies the Essence of the Scholar-Activist

Posted on Thu, Mar 05, 2009

School of Human & Organizational Development (HOD) doctoral faculty member Christine GT Ho, PhD, received Fielding’s Social Justice Award at Winter Session 2013.


By Christine G.T. Ho, PhD
Faculty, School of Human & Organizational Development

For 25 years, I have been a migration scholar studying border crossing (literal and metaphoric), migration theory, immigrant adaptation, and transnationalism. I am also a globalization scholar, studying the workings of the capitalist global economy, the inequality it produces worldwide, and its impact on cultures around the world. I have published two books, Salt Water Trinnies (AMS Press, 1991), and Globalization, Diaspora and Caribbean Popular Culture (Ian Randle Publishers, 2005). I am currently writing a book that reframes immigration discourse away from violations of law to the recognition of globalization as a powerful engine of economic restructuring.

I am one of only two anthropologists at Fielding, a career that came from my interests in cultural differences, social inequality, and concerns about social injustice based on race, ethnicity, and gender. I taught these subjects at several universities before coming to Fielding, where I helped found the Structural Inequality and Diversity knowledge area and the concentration in Transformative Learning for Social Justice. I now serve on the Diversity and Social Justice governance team.


When I joined Fielding, I was looking for challenges beyond teaching undergraduates.  Fielding was the ideal solution, not only because of its dedication to adult learning but also its strong commitment to diversity and social justice. Fielding aspires to the ideals of social justice and understands its impact and importance.


If you are a prospective student wishing to produce social change, then I highly recommend you choose Fielding. Fielding is strongly committed to diversity and social justice, and many faculty members are knowledgeable about globalization, which has touched all human beings on this planet whether or not they are aware of it.

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